Cinnamon Enterprise Edition

General information

The key commercial package that is available for Cinnamon is the Enterprise Edition. Anyone - companies or individuals - may use the Community Edition without any limitations beyond their licenses. However, to have access to enterprise features, support, free updates, hosting etc., you must buy the Enterprise Edition with a mandatory maintenance plan.

The Community Edition supports all key ECMS features, but Enterprise Edition contains a number of additional functionality and infrastructure not included in the Open Source platform, since they are mostly intended for commercial data and documentation management use.

Cinnamon Server is identical for both editions and is 100% Open Source. You can use Cinnamon Server for any purpose, e. g., develop your own applications based on it or customize the Community client.

Feature matrix

Feature Community Edition Enterprise Edition
Configurable relations between objects
Detailed, configurable permission system
Translation management
Advanced cut/copy/paste functions
Comparison of two structures on object level
Configurable icon service
Advanced filtering in list views
Advanced metadata functionality
Advanced search functionality
Advanced GUI for managing relations
List export to CSV
Direct versioning without checkout/checkin
Basic DITA-OT integration
Advanced DITA-OT integration
HTML preview for DITA topics
MailJet integration for transactional mails
ImageMagick integration for previews and other transforms
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